Sphynx is incredibly nice and snuggling in nature. I often meet the statement, that they are not just cats, but rather something among cat, dog, monkey and alien. I have to admit, that all who claim that are right ! They are such a little walking ovens, who are ready to cuddle you to death anytime and anywhere

Although these cats look quite delicate, it’s not true at all. They are relatively tough, nimble and full of energy. When I saw them the first time, I thought that their skin will be very prone to scratches and different wounds. I was surprised, that it is resistant even in cat games where they push out their claws. However, if a scratch appears, the skin will heal quickly and easily.


Shape:                    Modified wedge with rounded contours, a bit longer than his width

Skull:                      Lightly rounded with a flat forehead

Profile:                   Light to moderate stop at putting the straight nose

Face:                       Protruding facial bones

Mouth and china:  Strongly rounded mouth and strong chin

Tactile hair:           Full or frayed, upstanding, eventually without


Shape:           Big, wide and open at putting with lightly rounded tips. The inner side of the ear is completely without hair. Weak hair on the outer and lower edge of the ear and on the back is allowed

Placing:                Upstanding, put at the light angle to the head, outward


Shape:               Lemon-like, big, put at an angle to outer edge of the ear

The distance between eyes is a little bit bigger than the width of one ear

Colour:            Ideally it fits the colour of the skin


In general:        Medium length, rounded and muscular, at the angle from shoulder-blades to the putting of the head strong especially for male cats.


Structure:            Medium length, hard and muscular, not very gentle. Well rounded, but not fat belly. Strong rounded chest


In general:       The length in a good proportion to the body, medium length. The hind legs slightly higher then the front legs. The front legs  widely from each other. Medium massive bones, limbs are strong and muscular.

Paws:                      Oval with long slender distinctive fingers. Pads are thicker than by the other breeds, they give the impression as if the cat were walking on the “air pads”


In general:           Slender, stronger at the putting, it is converging to a point. The length is proportionate to the body. Lion tail (a bunch of hair at the end of the tail) is allowed.

Hair and skin

In general:        The cat looks bald, could be covered by a soft fluff.

Texture:        As a cloth made of leather. If we caress the skin of a cat, it feels like the skin is resisting.

Skin folds:        They are desirable particularly around the mouth, between the ears and around shoulder-blades. Folds shouldn’t be developed so much to influence the normal functions of a cat. Short soft fine hair on the legs, on the ridge of the nose and on the facial bones, on the back of the ears, on the tip of the tail and on the scrotum is allowed.

Colur:        All the colours and drawings are allowed, including all variants of the white. Any proportion of the white is allowed.


Head:            Straight profile, narrow head, absence of folds on the head.

Body:             Generally small cat, too thin body, fragile appearance or soft skeleton, too stubby or oriental.

Hair:        Significant proportion of hair in other places than those described above. Every mark of wavy hair or mark of crossbreeding with DRX or CRX. Any mark of the removal of hair                                  

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